PHENIX recognizes the importance of consistent, high quality products for tissue culture and cell culture, some of the most critical product groups in a modern research laboratory. For this reason, we carry several brands of tissue culture plastic ware (from industry-leading suppliers like Corning & Greiner) to suit the needs of a variety of applications.

Some of our Corning products include cell lifters, hyperflask vessels, and TC dishes. The Greiner products include the CELLSTARĀ® line, which are manufactured from high quality, optically clear resins and are tissue culture treated. These products offer stringent manufacturing conditions and quality control measures so that no contamination will occur.
We also carry a diverse and growing list of media (such as amino acids/vitamins, antibiotics, and detachment), reagents, serological pipettes, pipette fillers, and assay kits for tissue and cell culture labs. Be sure to check out our USDA approved fetal bovine serum, which is also mycoplasma tested & virus screened.

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