Phenix University

At Phenix Research Products, we offer our employees a wide range of training and career development opportunities. Our initial training is a 1-2 week session that all employees go through which is called PHENIX University. We have a thorough discussion of everything from the metric system to basic molecular biology before beginning a complete run through our products, and how they are used in the laboratory.

Everyone from the technical sales reps to the warehouse guys and the CFO go through the training. Regardless of your job function, we’re
Phenix Unversity - training for our employees to insure our mutual success and to improve our customer service.
devoted to helping you develop your career and building your skill set. We recognize that if we make fewer mistakes (in the warehouse), take orders more effectively (because we understand the products better) and solve problems more quickly (tech support and sales), we will ultimately earn more business and prosper as a company.

Job specific training is ongoing at our company, making it both interesting and challenging. Since one of our primary goals is to introduce appropriate new technology to our customers, we are always learning about new products and technologies. Our state of the art IT infrastructure insures that you have all of the tools necessary to effectively carry out your job, including our Saleslogix CRM/SFA software solution and MAS200 accounting system.