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Our catalog of products for life science research contains nearly 5000 items from hundreds of manufacturers worldwide. PHENIX carries everyday consumable items including:
Freezer Racks/Cryostorage Products-Microtubes-Labeling-Gloves-Pipettors & Tips-Sealing Products

In addition, the company has highly technical Consumable Products for:
Tissue Culture-Lab Automation-DNA Sequencing-PCR® & Genomics

Phenix Research Products line card
Our Equipment Line covers everything from balances to water purification systems as well as highly technical equipment such as multi-label plate readers, heat sealers and imaging systems. Finally, please be aware that PHENIX has long experience in providing OEM and custom packaged products. We can help you fill out your product line or provide custom packaged and/or labeled products for a kit that you are bringing to market. See our listing below.
Phenix Research Products line card

General Lab Consumables
Apparel – Conical Tubes – Cryovials – Cuvettes – Freezer Organization – Gloves – Labeling – Microtubes – PCR Supplies – Petri Dishes – Pipettes & Tips – Racks – Reservoirs – Screwcap Tubes – Slides – Timers - Tissue Culture

Phenix Research Products line card

Automation & Genomics Products
Automated Pipetting Systems – Deep Well Plates – Filter Plates & SPE Products - Heat Sealing Systems – Luminescence Readers - Microplates of all types – Microplate Readers & Fluorometers - PCR Plates – Plate Piercers - Reagents for PCR – Reservoirs - Robotics Pipette Tips – Sealing Film – Serial Diluter - Storage Plates and Systems – Washers

Phenix Research Products line card

Autoclaves - Balances – Baths – Centrifuges – Compound Management - Dispensers – Electrophoresis Systems - Freezers – Hoods - Hot Plates - Hybridization Ovens – Imagers – Incubators - Labeling Systems - Microplate Readers - Multilabel Readers – Shakers – Thermal Cyclers – Ultra Low Freezers - Water Purification Systems

Phenix Research Products line card

Custom labeled or packaged consumables or instruments can include virtually anything in any packaging configuration. Our management has many years of experience with the top manufacturers from around the world. Let us help you complete your product line or kit that you are bringing to market. In addition, we have broad experience with custom injection molded of unique parts. Email interest and requirements to