Physical Infrastructure
PHENIX Research Products was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area and now maintains a headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina. The Asheville office now serves as company headquarters and is the location of our customer service, finance, sales, and marketing teams. Our customer service team has extended hours and is available to serve you from 8am-8pm Eastern Standard Time. PHENIX can deliver within 1-2 days to 95% of the US Research market.

Asheville, NC Headquarters
IT Infrastructure
We serve our customers through a distributed IT infrastructure supported by our in house IT manager. Our offices and field salespeople are all linked directly into our system so that our sales teams can serve our customers effectively. In addition, our customers placing orders online are linked directly into our accounting system, allowing us to provide their contracted pricing, sales and invoice history, shipment tracking and other services generally not provided by many of our competitors.


PHENIX Maintains a Lab for Training, Testing and Applications Development
The management at PHENIX Research Products has always believed that our ability to serve our customers is directly related to the quality of training that our people receive. Every PHENIX employee has been through PHENIX University, our intensive product and market-training program. Technical and sales teams have ongoing training to give them the skills and knowledge they need. PHENIX also maintains a laboratory for training, trouble shooting and applications development in our areas of focus.